[webkit-dev] Reopening bugs is why many of the bugs are pending-commit

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Sat Jun 18 11:50:38 PDT 2011

There seems to be some confusion about what to do when you discover that a code change caused a bug.

Please do *not* reopen the original bug report to say that the code change caused a problem. This makes the bug database state that the original bug is not fixed, and also makes the patch to fix the bug look like it’s a reviewed-but-not-landed patch. That’s not what we want!

Instead of reopening the bug, please file a new bug report about the problem you are now observing. You can add a comment in the original bug pointing out the patch was the cause of the new problem.

On the other hand, if you roll a patch out, then it’s important to reopen the bug that patch fixed. Please clear the review flag on the patch that you rolled out and any older reviewed versions of the same patch attached to the bug.

And if you discover that the patch turned out to not fix the original reported bug, then it’s fine to reopen the bug. Please clear the review flag on the patch that failed to fix the bug and any other older patches already landed or obsolete attached to the bug.

    -- Darin

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