[webkit-dev] DOMCrypt

Adam Barth abarth at webkit.org
Tue Jul 26 22:53:02 PDT 2011

Hi webkit-dev,

As some of you are probably aware, Mozilla is experimenting with
exposing some basic cryptographic primitives to web applications:


I wanted to get a sense from the WebKit community about how interested
we are in implementing this feature.  My sense is that this API is
fairly early in it's lifecycle, so one perspective is that we should
wait for Mozilla to experiment for a bit longer and revisit this
question once the design is further along (e.g., submitted to the W3C
standards process).

Another perspective is that there are some simple parts of the API
that we should implement now, and we can grow into the more involved
parts of the API as they mature.  For example, the CryptoHash
interface can be implemented independently of the rest of the API and
provides value by itself.



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