[webkit-dev] No getters for iconURL/title/body in Notification.idl

Xan Lopez xan at gnome.org
Fri Jul 1 10:31:12 PDT 2011


we are adding all the Notification related objects to the GTK+ DOM
bindings, and also adding the necessary APIs to WebKitGTK+ to interact
with the UA. One thing we have noticed is that although the
constructors for the Notification objects have the three data
parameters mentioned in the subject, the spec we follow
as I understand it) does not provide attributes for those in the
Notification interface. Since those are needed by the UA to actually
show the notification in a meaningful way, we wonder if that's an
oversight or a design decision. It seems the way Chromium solves this
is by doing a custom class with those getters, but since we already
have pretty complete DOM bindings we'd like our low-level signals and
APIs to use those instead of reimplementing them (or, at best,
subclassing to add the needed functionality).

Any comments?


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