[webkit-dev] coding style and comments

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Mon Jan 31 00:41:37 PST 2011

31.01.2011, 03:41, "Ryan Leavengood" <leavengood at gmail.com>:

> Maybe the solution here is better documentation outside the source
> code. I hope some of the more experienced WebKit developers can agree
> that there are parts of the code that are harder for new developers to
> dig into. Some high-level docs that are kept updated might be nice. Of
> course the key here is keeping them updated, and if it is hard to keep
> source code comments up to date I don't know how much hope there is
> for outside docs. Of course this applies to any project and is by no
> means just a flaw in this project. At least if the comments are in the
> code there is hope that a reviewer would catch when comments get out
> of date.

Generally it's easier to keep up to date docs inside sources, rather than 
external ones


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