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Johnny Ding jnd at google.com
Mon Jan 17 02:46:12 PST 2011


在 2011年1月17日 下午6:12,Adam Barth <abarth at webkit.org>写道:

> As of early this morning, I've finished moving all the source files
> around.  I'd like to congratulate myself on painting the bike shed a
> beautiful shade of pink.
> WebKitLibraries probably should be renamed to Libraries, but that's
> blocked on moving LayoutTests to RegressionTests (to free up the "L"
> tab-completion).  However, I don't think I have the stomach to move
> LayoutTests.  If someone else would like to give that a try, please be
> my guest.
> If you own one of the files below, please consider moving it from the
> root directory to the Source directory:
> Android.mk
> autogen.sh
> cmakeconfig.h.cmake
> CMakeLists.txt
> common.pri
> configure.ac
> DerivedSources.pro
> GNUmakefile.am
> Makefile
> Makefile.shared
> WebKit.pri
> WebKit.pro
> wscript
> I'm happy to move the files myself, but it might be less error prone
> if folks who understand the files best move them.  If the files are
> still in the root in a few weeks, I'll probably try my hand at moving
> them myself.
> Thanks everyone for your patience, and a special thanks to Csaba
> Osztrogonac, Xan Lopez, Mark Rowe, Martin Robinson, Kent Tamura, and
> everyone else who helped me fix broken builds.
> Adam
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