[webkit-dev] Accessibility in WK2 update

Chris Fleizach cfleizach at apple.com
Tue Jan 4 17:14:57 PST 2011

Just landed a large patch to make accessibility work in WK2


There were some changes that may have implications for other platforms, so if you work on accessibility read on.

• I replaced the getOrCreate method in AXObjectCache with rootObject, so that there's no ambiguity about how to get the top of the AX tree from WebKit/WK2.

• I made the root object be the ScrollView containing the RenderView (web area). The AX object representing the ScrollView is now handled by AccessibilityScrollView, instead of platform scroll views. This was needed because there are no platform scroll views in WK2. 

• The AccessibilityScrollView has 3 children, the 2 scroll bars (if visible) and the web area.

If any of these changes don't jive with your platform feel free to submit patches and I'll review them promptly.

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