[webkit-dev] OT : interview inquiry about WebKit

Guillaume Belfiore gbelfiore at clubic.com
Thu Feb 24 03:17:05 PST 2011

First of all : sorry if you believe this message is not appropriate. My
intention is not to disturb you.

My name is Guillaume. I work as a French journalist for Clubic.com. I am
coming to you because I'm currently writing a paper on WebKit.
We got to speak to various people at Mozilla, Opera Software or Microsoft
but never had a chance to draw a clear picture of the WebKit engine even
though its adoption seems to be growing fast lately.

Basically, the idea would be to tell our readers about the history of the
project and how the implementation of WebKit differs in Safari, Chrome,
smartphones...Also it would be nice to understand more clearly how webKit
differs from Gecko, Trident or Presto...

I was wondering if a representative of the WebKit community would be likely
to answer some of my (non-technical) questions?

Thank you very much

PS : Again sorry for publishing a message here. I tried to contact the
mailing-list owners but did not get any answers from them

*Guillaume B*
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