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Sergiy Temnikov Sergiy.Temnikov at 4d.com
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I have not been on the calls but I have posted about my remote debugger work on the FireBug working group message board. It is true that Crossfire is smaller than the Web Inspector protocol but it has all I need for the remote debugging of a faceless server that runs JavaScript.
In fact the two protocols are quite close to each other, at least the part related to the source code inspection and tracing. I might even support both seeing that it does not require too much work to reformat messages from one protocol to another. I wish the two protocols were unified and compatible :-)


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Hello Sergiy,

Have you been on any of the FireBug working group calls?  Wondering if John J Barton and Michael Collins (like me, they also work at IBM) are familiar with your work.  I join the calls occasionally, just to keep up to speed with CrossFire, and don't remember hearing from you - but I also don't pay a whole lot of attention during those calls :-)

My understanding is that CrossFire really only supports JS breakpoints at the moment - if you look at the protocol that Web Inspector uses, you'll see it's quite a bit larger.

In addition to everything Joe mentioned, there's a guy who has Web Inspector hooked up to node.js for doing source-level debugging with node with the WI front-end.  https://github.com/dannycoates/node-inspector - I keep meaning to get in touch with that guy, but haven't yet.
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