[webkit-dev] using the keyboard for code reviews

Ojan Vafai ojan at chromium.org
Mon Feb 21 23:43:46 PST 2011

You can now use the code review tool entirely with the keyboard. See the
help link at the top for the keyboard shortcuts (pasted in below).

enteradd/edit comment for focused itemescapeaccept current comment / close
preview and help popupsjfocus next diffk focus previous diffshift + jfocus
next lineshift + kfocus previous linenfocus next commentpfocus previous
comment rfocus review select elementctrl + shift + upextend context of the
focused commentctrl + shift + downshrink context of the focused comment

For example, one keyboard-based workflow you could use:
1. Load the review tool.
2. Go through each diff using the j key.
3. When you see a line you want to comment on, shift + j until that line is
4. Hit enter, type your comment and use ctrl + shift + up to extend to
context of the comment.
5. When finished hit escape to accept, or tab to the OK/discard buttons.
6. Hit r to get to the review select.
7. Pick a review state.
8. Tab to the publish button and hit space to publish.

You can also hit enter on a comment to edit it or to add a reply if it's a
comment from a previous review.

As always, let me know if this works for you or if there are ways to tweak
this to improve your workflow.

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