[webkit-dev] r77919 - Frame Accuracy in HTML5 - Thanks!

Dirk-Willem van Gulik dirk-willem.van.gulik at bbc.co.uk
Mon Feb 21 03:58:54 PST 2011


May I interrupt the programme with a very large THANK YOU ? For r77919 !

While you folks well consider this a trivial thing - having Frame Accurate Time Codes is almost a seminal event for us here in professional broadcasting. For us - this is a serious game changer. With frame accurate time codes* you can suddenly (and for the first time!) start considering professional use. Consider the internet as a place to (collaboratively) author professional video - rather than just consume in low resolution. We just put up a:


largely as a thank you to all the folks here and in the wider open standard and open source communities who came together to get frame-accuracy fixed. Andrew Scherkus, Jer Noble, Eric Carlson, Andrew Scherkus, Matthew Gregan and Anthony Hughes (and sorry for all those I forgot) - thanks!

By the way - IE9 is not far behind - MS has let us know that we "can expect the video-frame-accurate seeking be available when IE9 is final".

So guys - really - thanks, big thanks! Apologies for the interruption - I'll let you go back to your scheduled programming.

Dirk-Willem van Gulik, Chief Technical Architect, BBC FM&T, EBX405 TVC, Wood Lane, London. W12 7RJ, London

*: well - ideally a lot better than frame-accurate - as audio is needs reliable milliseconds.

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