[webkit-dev] Getting CC-ed on webkit.org/new-inspector-bug

Patrick Mueller pmuellr at muellerware.org
Wed Feb 9 11:25:37 PST 2011

Anything like this, PLEASE!  The worst part, for me, is having to find 
that web inspector URL, and then giving it out to people.  I just posted 
it on Twitter today, in fact.  I cringe whenever I do.

Eclipse also uses something like what Darin suggested, worked great for 
me, back in the day.

On 2/9/11 12:53 PM, Darin Fisher wrote:
> You can also introduce a dummy email address, and then interested folks can
> use bugzilla's email preferences to watch that email address.  This is
> perhaps a more lightweight version of using a mailing list as there is no
> mailing list.
> It was very common to use this approach on bugzilla.mozilla.org, with each
> component in the system having its own dummy email address auto-added.  This
> allows developers to subscribe / unsubscribe from receiving email for
> various components in the bug system.
> -Darin
> On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 9:32 AM, Pavel Feldman<pfeldman at chromium.org>  wrote:
>> Hi WebKit,
>> As you might know, we have a shortcut to the inspector bug entry form:
>> webkit.org/new-inspector-bug. We use it all over the place, our users like
>> simplicity it introduces. However, we ended up with 10 (and counting) people
>> on the CC list. Fixed CC list has obvious drawbacks:
>> - each time we want to add / remove a person from the template, we need to
>> make explicit request
>> - new guys don't get updates when old bugs change
>> - old guys get updates even though they are not interested anymore.
>> Can we migrate to a more flexible approach (such as introducing
>> webkit-inspector at lists.webkit.org) where we would be able to subscribe /
>> unsubscribe? _wms suggested that we discuss it here first.

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