[webkit-dev] More information for crashing tests now available on build.webkit.org

Adam Roben aroben at apple.com
Fri Feb 4 11:25:10 PST 2011

Hi all-

The results.html pages on build.webkit.org now make it much easier to triage crashing tests on Mac and Windows XP (Windows Vista/7 are blocked by <http://webkit.org/b/44135>). When a test crashes, you'll see something like this on Mac:

> fast/events/tabindex-focus-blur-all.html	stderr	crash log (com.apple.WebCore: JSC::Bindings::Instance::willDestroyRuntimeObject(JSC::Bindings::RuntimeObject*) + 156)

…and like this on Windows:

> fast/events/tabindex-focus-blur-all.html	stderr	crash log (WebKit!JSC::Bindings::Instance::willDestroyRuntimeObject+95)

The new "crash log" link will take you to a textual crash log for that test. The function name you see is our best guess at the crashing module, function, and offset (in decimal on Mac, hexadecimal on Windows), based on the crash log.

Please file any bugs you find with this feature on bugs.webkit.org, and CC me. Please also file bugs for any ideas you have for making this more useful!


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