[webkit-dev] lots of red in the tree.

David Levin levin at chromium.org
Tue Aug 30 10:52:01 PDT 2011

It means that I'm much more likely to cause regressions because I miss new
test failures caused by my changes among the 12 to 62 failures
already occurring on the OS X bots.

I think there are a few solutions to the current situation:

1. Live with it. All of the red and green reminds us of the festive winter
    Downside: More regressions get in as nobody notices them much even if
they try to be careful.
    Upside: Requires no more extra work, so it is quick to do!

2. Get folks working on every red test.
    Downside: May not be able to get folks to drop what they are doing and
work on them.
    Upside: More stable code, easier to work with, etc.

3. Add them to skipped and file bugs.
    Downside: Not having the tree red may lower the urgency and having them
in skipped list may mean that folks just ignore them.
    Upside: We'll catch regressions more quickly and perhaps stop the
current decent which it seems like we've been proceeding on.

4. Your idea!

What do other folks think?

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