[webkit-dev] DocumentLoader::m_mainResourceData seems no need

Xianzhu Wang phnixwxz at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 00:20:08 PDT 2011


I found that DocumentLoader will hold m_mainResourceData during its whole
life. I'm wondering if this is necessary. I searched all callers of
DocumentLoader::mainResourceData() and DocumentLoader::mainResource() and
they seem all called before or just after the document is loaded. If we
remove DocumentLoader::m_mainResourceData, the main resource data could be
freed if there is no other references (seems true if the page is not
inspected) and will save memory.

I tried to removing DocumentLoader::m_mainResourceData and run all layout
tests in chromium-linux. I got 6 text mismatches and 1 timeout and will
investigate the failures.

However, can anyone describe the original intent of
DocumentLoader::m_mainResourceData? What's the case that it is used after
the document is loaded?

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