[webkit-dev] Storing strings in 8-bit buffers where possible

Annie Sullivan sullivan at chromium.org
Fri Aug 12 13:45:47 PDT 2011

Hi webkit-dev:

>From our testing, some pages (like espn.com) waste up to 3-5% of
WebCore's total memory storing 8-bit-encoded strings in 16-bit

We've started investigating changing our String class to store
8-bit-encoded strings in 8-bit buffers when possible (reclaiming all
this wasted memory).

This project is tricky because 1. JavaScript exposes the
double-byte-ness of strings in the DOM and 2. our String classes tend
to be very performance sensitive.  We're proceeding with caution. :)

If anyone would like to follow along at home, they should CC
themselves on the bug:

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