[webkit-dev] Why don't WebKit support the database of geolocation permissions?

Andrei Popescu andreip at google.com
Wed Aug 10 05:31:24 PDT 2011


On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 9:51 AM, DongWoo Im <dw.im at samsung.com> wrote:

>  Dear Andrei.
> Thanks for your reply.
> You said the redundant implementation is an intentional decision to give
> freedom to browser vendors.
> You've written the spec. of geolocation, so that must be the intention of
> the editor.
> However, I still think that is slightly inefficient.
> I think this way could be possible.
> Let's make the database management - read, write, and refer - in WebCore.
> We can also give freedom to browser vendors to decide the configuration of
> the database by implementing the port layer.
> They can decide how long the permissions will live in database, offer the
> unique interface to the user, or even disable the database.
> As you say, the database schema will be depend on how the permissions are
implemented: Safari grants permissions that expire after a while, while
Android and Chromium store permissions until they are explicitly removed by
users. Chromium also differentiates between permissions granted to an origin
when its content is loaded as the top level document vs when it is loaded in
a cross-origin iframe. I am therefore not sure what set of common
functionality we could put in WebCore to make the effort worthwhile and
actually gain anything. We already have wrappers for SQLite so it's very
easy for each embedder to write the permission management code.

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