[webkit-dev] WebKit blog post proposal: Remote debugging with Web Inspector.

Mark Rowe mrowe at apple.com
Sat Apr 30 22:25:42 PDT 2011

On 2011-04-30, at 22:11, Pavel Feldman wrote:

> I see. It might be unfortunate branding, but the large amount of Web Inspector users refer to it as "Developer Tools". We use every opportunity to tell users that it is the same thing, but this is not enough. The first question we always get is "Do you guys upstream any of your Chrome Dev Tools code into the WebKit?". Which sounds crazy, because 100% of the code is upstream. So it is probably just me trying to use both names to fix this. It sounds like I should be more formal in this case and make the letter of the post conform to its WebKit spirit.
> - I changed the phrasing to use "Web Inspector" only, there is no mention of "Chrome Dev Tools" anymore.
> - Removed all "Chrome" mentions as well
> - There is now single mention of "Chromium" in the example scenario that I am eager to keep. I truly believe that the example makes the post more lively. There is nothing easier than posting this whole thing at chromium.org, but it will harm the "unified WebKit Remote Debugging Protocol" message we are trying to deliver.
> <provocative>In return, can I ask to rename the WebKit blog from "Surfin' Safari" to something more WebKit-specific?</provocative>

I've wondered the same thing myself on several occasions.

> So here is another update (posting the first topics that have changed). Mark, Evan, do you think it is better now?

The update certainly addresses my concerns.

- Mark

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