[webkit-dev] New feature enabled - ANIMATION_API

Dean Jackson dino at apple.com
Fri Apr 29 14:10:17 PDT 2011

It is with some reluctance that I inform this list of a new ENABLE option: ANIMATION_API. I realise we are supposed to be removing these, not adding :(

Basically the feature is a scripting interface to CSS animations and potentially SMIL/SVG. It doesn't do much at the moment but will eventually allow you to query for all the running animations, pause and scrub the timeline, and create keyframes without going through the CSS OM (yuck!). It also needs to play nicely with the new requestAnimationFrame method.

Why a feature? Since it is a work-in-progress and does not have an official standard behind it (we plan to submit it once baked), it would be bad if official browser releases exposed something that people might start to use or test for. This allows an implementation to hide the DOM API. The actual implementation is still present.

It is disabled by default. Before I added the ENABLE, it was visible in trunk and nightly builds.

If you have any comments on the API in its very early stages, please contact me or send to public-fx at w3.org.


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