[webkit-dev] Dropping support for WML?

Joe Mason jmason at rim.com
Wed Apr 13 17:15:19 PDT 2011

Blackberry needs to continue to support WML, but we are using our own (legacy) code as a plugin, so removing it from webkit is mostly fine with us.  We just use two pieces of the WML code, to deal with the different loading model required by WML:

In FrameLoader::shouldReload:

    // All WML decks are supposed to be reloaded, even within the same URL fragment
    if (frameContainsWMLContent(m_frame))
        return true;

In FrameLoader::loadItem:

    // All WML decks should go through the real load mechanism, not the scroll-to-anchor code
    // FIXME: Why do WML decks have this different behavior?
    // Are WML decks incompatible with HTML5 pushState/replaceState which require inter-document history navigations?
    // Should this new API be disabled for WML pages, or does WML need to update their mechanism to act like normal loads?
    // If scroll-to-anchor navigations were broken for WML and required them to
have different loading behavior, then
    // state object loads are certainly also broken for them.
    if (frameContainsWMLContent(m_frame))
        sameDocumentNavigation = false;

(And we overrode frameContainsWMLContent to detect that a frame has our plugin loaded, rather than using the default test.)

So if these are removed we will probably need to add them back in "#if PLATFORM(BLACKBERRY)" guards.

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Greetings all,

We have been discussing the possibility of dropping WML support in WebKit on IRC for a while now because

 1.  None of core ports (Mac, Windows, GTK, Qt, & Chromium) use it by default
 2.  Maintenance cost is high
I know Samsung is using the feature but they're not sure if they'll be supporting it in the future. Are there are other folks who are actively using WML?

Best regards.
Ryosuke Niwa
Software Engineer
Google Inc.

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