[webkit-dev] embedding pixel result checksum in the png

Osztrogonac Csaba oszi at inf.u-szeged.hu
Tue Apr 5 17:13:36 PDT 2011


The idea is awesome. ;) Getting rid of ~32k
checksum files would speedup svn operations.

I support you're works, please cc me to the bug report.


Tony Chang írta:
> Yes, reading the checksum is the same speed as before.  We write the png 
> comment at the beginning of the file and only scan the first 2k of the 
> file for the checksum.  I also tried converting about 200 tests to use 
> embedded checksums and found no speed difference.
> I've already updated new-run-webkit-tests, but plan on updating 
> old-run-webkit-tests as well since it's a small amount of code (only 
> about 20 lines of python, I imagine the amount of perl will be similar).

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