[webkit-dev] New Rich Text Editing Test suite

Roland Steiner rolandsteiner at chromium.org
Thu Sep 30 02:30:58 PDT 2010

 [Apologies if you have seen this already!]

Hi all,

As a lot of folks here can probably attest to (Hi, Ryosuke! ;) ), the
current state of rich text editing amongst various browsers is not ideal.
WebKit is better than most, but still not perfect, either.

In order to document this and provide a general overview of what works, what
plain doesn't, and what is incompatible, we are currently setting up a new
rich text editing test suite as part of the larger browserscope (
http://www.browserscope.org) framework. It is largely an extension and
generalization of the already existing "RichText" suite there. At the moment
we mainly focus on "contentEditable" and related functionalities in
JavaScript (i.e., execCommand(), queryCommandValue(), etc.), as well as
selection, but aim to extend this for user input and IME in the future, if
at all possible.

We hope this test suite will help in identifying the main problem areas (by
being a handy, friendly, colorful list of bugs), foster discussion about
different opinions on implementation, and thus in turn drive
interoperability between browsers. The goal is to reach a common set of
editing capabilities with well-defined behavior that is (even more) useful
for web authors.

A beta version can be accessed at
http://www.browserscope.org/richtext2/test (note
that being beta, the suite is not yet accessible from the main page at
http://www.browserscope.org). Please understand that we are still adding and
cleaning up tests, and details of the presentation. But at even at the
current, early stage it should give a good idea of the direction of the
suite. Indeed, as achieving consensus on the tests contained in the suite is
meant to be a community effort, it is bound to change and being extended
over time, as it solidifies based on contributions from all sides.

Since this can only benefit from the participation of as many folks as
possible, we would like to ask for input from everyone interested in the
area (even if it's just to grumble - I am happy to solidify past and current
grievances into new shiny red tests! ;) ). Thusly, for suggestions,
criticism, and general discussion on the suite and/or any tests therein,
please post a mail (or many!) at the browserscope mailing list at
browserscope at googlegroups.com.

Best regards,

- Roland Steiner
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