[webkit-dev] Why does the browser process take up CPU after loadFinished signal is fired?

luying pan luying.pan at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 15:01:57 PDT 2010

Hi All,
  I'm posting this question on the dev list because it's probably a question
that can be best answered by developers who know a lot about the inner
workings of webkit. I'm testing various webkit ports on fedora and have
observed the same cpu usage behavior across all ports. The pcpu number from
ps on the webkit browser process always tappers down slowly after each
loadFinished signal has been fired, even if it's a page that does not have
any ajax/javascript activities after the page is done loading. It sometimes
takes a few minutes for the cpu number to go back down to zero. My question
is what does webkit do after the page is done loading that's taking up CPU?
Running the browser through strace shows me that a lot of times
clock_gettime is called continuously after the page has loaded, and no more
request comes in. However even when these clock_gettime calls subside, I
still see CPU number great than zero. Any pointers would be helpful or even
just sections of the code to look at. I'm trying to use webkit in a resource
constrained environment so every little bit of cpu gain counts.

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