[webkit-dev] A database access question

Jack Allegrezza jackallegrezza at mac.com
Fri Oct 29 17:43:57 PDT 2010

	Since there is local database API in the browser.
What is need to be allowed to add access to remote databases from javascript 
Of course this would require that the user be able to allow or not allow this from some part of the interface like turning on and off cookies and javascript
I have made plugins to do this and accessed the databases remotely from javascript - but the issues is, do uses want to load a plugin and do they trust that the plugin will not send or retrieve anything they don't expect.
And so adding this ability to the browser in open source and with the ability to turn it on and off - would give the uses the security and not have to load a plugin.
I'm not sure many people will see this as useful but I am asking to see what the procedures is for adding new "modules" to the browser and what people think of it.

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