[webkit-dev] fix for error code 1023 encountered when trying to install DirectX SDK

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Fri Oct 29 13:47:57 PDT 2010

In the process of installing the tools needed to do dev on Webkit, my
attempted installation of DirectX SDK repeatedly got stuck half way through
presenting "error code 1023".

Investigating this I found a number of people have encountered the same
issue for whatever reason.

The step by step solution that worked for me is posted below . It involves
editing the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE portion of the registry.

Other people may find this information useful.

The full online discussion with the excerpted solution can be found here:

*DirectX SDK installation 1023 error fix: *

Goto Start->Run and type in regedit
Now in the folder tree on the left hand side find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and
expand it.
Go to SOFTWARE and expand it.
Go to Microsoft and expand it.
Look for the folder under here named "DirectX". (If it is not there create
If it is there, delete it because we are going to recreate it.

Now right click in the empty window on the right and add this data (there
will probably be at least a Default string value located here, just leave

Name: InstalledVersion Type:REG_BINARY Data: 00 00 00 09 00 00 00 00

Name: InstallMDX Type:REG_DWORD Data: 0x00000001

Name:SDKVersion Type:REG_SZ Data:9.26.1590.0

Name:Version Type:REG_SZ Data:

Now close this window and run the DirectX SDK install and it should install

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