[webkit-dev] Ancient patches in pending-review

Adam Barth abarth at webkit.org
Thu May 13 09:12:22 PDT 2010

One of the least fun things in the project is to pour a bunch of
effort into writing a patch only to see it sit forever waiting for
review.  In the past, I've tried to single-handedly tackle the patches
that have been up for review for more than a month.  That approach is
less than ideal because (1) it's too big a task for one person and (2)
it causes me to review outside my area.  As we've been discussing on
#webkit recently, we'd like for reviewers to focus their reviews on
their area of expertise to make sure each patch gets a high-quality
review before landing.

I've triaged the oldest patches in http://webkit.org/pending-review
into groups and assigned an owner (see below).  You don't need to
review the patches in a group just because I've assigned it to you,
but if you don't review them, please find someone to look at them.  If
a patch is unassigned, please consider whether you feel confident
reviewing patches in that area.

If you're an expert in an area by not necessarily a reviewer yet,
please consider giving one or more of these patches an "informal"
review.  An informal review is especially useful if it points out
areas of a patch that the contributor can improve.  Ideally, an
informal review would cause the contributor to improve their patch
before it receives a formal review.  (If you're not a reviewer, please
don't alter the "Review" flag; just leave a comment.)

Our biggest problem spots appear to be Editing and WINCE.  Below, I've
asked Enrica to provide informal reviews of the editing patches and
Ojan to provide the formal reviews.  I've also asked jamesr to provide
informal reviews for the CSS and Rendering patches because he's
expressed interest in learning Hyatt's secret tricks.

As for WINCE, are there any reviewers interested in reviewing patches
for that port?


Editing (Enrica, Ojan)
* 24943: Command-B and Command-I do not generate keydown events in
contentEditable regions.
* 35632: htmlediting.cpp : isEmptyTableCell() is incomplete
* 32605: Regression: Selection anchor + focus swap when arrow keys
after setBaseAndExtent
* 32077: textarea grows when you type
* 36359: Double clicking page's last editable inline element doesn't
select a word.
* 32123: cursor movement and text selection does not work well if a
block is followed by an inline
* 35791: 2x execCommand ReadAV at NULL
* 35530: Enum value FORWARD, BACKWARD, RIGHT, LEFT are causing macro conflicts.

WINCE (???) - Do we have any WINCE reviewers?
* 34953: Implement DEFINE_STUB_FUNCTION for WinCE
* 33004: NetworkStateNotifierWin.cpp doesn't work always
* 32169: Implement TextCodec for WINCE port
* 37287: Rename Wince file to WinCE
* 32963: buildfix for ResourceHandleWin.cpp
* 37440: [WINCE] Port tiled backing store
* 28272: WINCE PORT: graphics files only for WINCE

DOM (Depends on area...)
* 34945: Improve form validation messages.
* 31718: Framework to show form validation message for invalid controls
* 37012: dropEffect not set to correct default values in dragenter / dragover
* 37117: Add platform-independent JPEG/PNG image encoders and toDataURL
* 22261: Clicking button input does not give it focus

CSS (dhyatt, dethbakin, jamesr)
* 32412: css2:order of counters in out-of flow content
* 32309: noAccess url schemes block access to inline stylesheets
* 13097: Unsupported content:inherit value
* 37443: CSSStyleSelector should pass through origin information when
determined if link visited

Rendering (dhyatt, jamesr)
* 15994: REGRESSION: Incomplete repaint of CSS image substitution
* 23556: On RTL pages, horizontal scrollbar is missing

JavaScriptCore (gbarra, ggaren, olliej)
* 36050: Add the possibility for a head and footer section to create_jit_stubs
* 36500: Generated JIT stubs does not compile because of compiler directives

Websocket (dave_levin?)
* 35573: WebSocket add new event: CloseEvent

Qt (tronical)
* 36171: QtWebKit doesn't support NPAPI for DirectFB

Gtk (xan)
* 37369: [GTK] Enable building whatever already exists of WebKit2

Plugins (???)
* 36721: Use Chromium's plugins/get-url-with-blank-target.html for all platforms

Inspector (xenon, yurys)
* 18530: Inspector's Console should distinguish console.info from console.log

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