[webkit-dev] Yet another bug-less change hosed the tree.

Geoffrey Garen ggaren at apple.com
Tue May 11 14:30:45 PDT 2010

>> Maybe I would use webkit-patch if it really were quite easy. I tried it in earnest for a while, but I had to give it up because:
>> * I couldn't find a ChangeLog workflow that fit its demands, so using it was actually more complicated than doing everything by hand
> Can you explain this in more detail?

I don't know how to do either of these steps in an easy way:

1. Once I have a patch with a ChangeLog, say, "File a new bug and upload this patch for review." (Bonus points if the tool automatically made the first line of the ChangeLog the title of the bug.)

2. Once the patch has been reviewed, say, "Add bug # and reviewer information from Bugzilla, commit, and close the bug." (Bonus points if the commit happens via the bugzilla patch, so I can move on to working on another patch.)

I'd be willing to try any set of steps that accomplishes these tasks.

The last time I tried it, webkit-patch was close, but it never quite got there. The ChangeLog seemed to be the main sticking point.

>  I've optimized the tool for my
> workflow because that's the workflow I understand.  I'm happy to
> optimize it for other workflows too.
>> * It didn't handle subdirectory-only work
> I think here you're refer to the fact that SVN is slow.  There was a
> thread earlier about making webkit-patch operate on the current
> directory instead of on whole working copy.  We can certainly do that
> if you'd find that helpful.

Yes, I'd find it helpful.

Slow is one problem. But I also tend to have patches in different parts of the tree -- for example, WebKitTools -- which I don't want to include in my uploaded patch.


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