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The event contains the clientX/Y attributes that can be used as the 
origin point for the transforms. Whether those are used or the center 
of the element, is completely up to the web developer. The transforms 
are not applied to the elements by the user agent.

This does not affect the layout of the dom as the user agent just
dispatches the event. The web developer may choose to alter the
layout as a result of this event if he/she wants to do so. The simple 
example in the proposal uses CSS3 transforms that don't  affect the 

Kim Grönholm

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i'm a bit of a lurker on this mailing list so i apologize for butting
in. i do see a few points to address here.

first, how do you set the point around which the scale and rotate
operations will act? typically you would want that to be the center of
the element but not always. if it is something you can set explicitly,
what happens as that point is changed? does that cause the transform
to be re-applied or not?

second, does this not affect the layout of the dom? that is, is such a
transformed element laid out as if scale, rotation and translation
were 1, 0 and (0,0) and then those transforms applied? if so, would
the z index of the element be affected or would the user use this
technique in conjunction with the z-index style to ensure the scaled
and rotated element were above surrounding elements?

Mike Barborak
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On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 1:55 AM,  <kim.1.gronholm at nokia.com> wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> We at Nokia have been working on a new DOM-event called TransformAction. It provides a convenient API for direct manipulation (pan, rotate, zoom) of an element. Some of You have already heard about this and been involved in specifying the event.
> We are planning to propose it to the W3C for standardization and meantime start upstreaming the patches to WebKit if it's accepted by You.
> A draft of the proposal/specification is available here: http://portaali.org/~ilkkao/w3c/manipulate/Transformaction.html
> We are happy to answer any questions You might have about the event. Please give us Your comments.
> Thanks,
> Kim Grönholm
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