[webkit-dev] svn-apply regression

Chris Jerdonek cjerdonek at webkit.org
Tue May 4 00:25:34 PDT 2010

Hi folks,

This e-mail is to let you know about a regression in svn-apply that
was discovered and fixed tonight and that may have affected you.

The regression is most likely to have affected you if, in the last 5
days (after r58495), you committed a patch that was an "e-mail diff"
using svn-apply's --force option (e.g. using the commit-queue).

Briefly, the regression would have caused the first file in your patch
to be skipped if your patch was an e-mail diff.  Thus, you may want to
review your recent commits to verify that the first file in each
commit was checked in.

The regression is described in more detail here:


We have slowly been increasing the code coverage of svn-apply and
-unapply, and the regression happened to be in the part that does not
yet have coverage.  In the future, we may want to consider adjusting
svn-apply and -unapply so that it does not routinely need to be run in
--force mode.  --force mode connotes something that should be done
less frequently and under more closely controlled and observed


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