[webkit-dev] Question regarding build flags for the features

Eli Fidler efidler at rim.com
Wed Mar 24 08:20:16 PDT 2010

I just happened to compile this list yesterday. I'll update the wiki
page. People should fill in the information about what their setting do,
especially for the ports.


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On Mar 23, 2010, at 1:22 PM, Dmitry Titov wrote:

> If we had a single flag for all those (ENABLE_FILE_API ?) then a  
> port would have to implement all features at once to be able to  
> enable it. It might be inconvenient. If the code is not shared and  
> those flags can be enabled in any combination, why not keep them  
> separate?
> On a related note, it'd be nice to have a page (on a wiki?) with a  
> list of those flags with some sort of a status/owner, and possibly  
> some info on what a port should implement to be able to enable a  
> feature.

Shipping Safari has a very limited form of the File API, so I'd prefer  
a plan where we do not regress the already shipped capability. That  
could mean either multiple flags for different subfeatures, or making  
sure to implement back ends for the mac and win ports when landing any  
new features. Maintainers of other ports may have similar concerns,  
but I cannot say offhand what has already shipped in other ports.

Incidentally, some but not all porting macros are defined here:
 >. The first part of the page is hypothetical (i.e. a plan for  
revising some of the macros) but if anyone would like to help document  
macros in use at the end, that would be great.


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