[webkit-dev] AbsoluteClippedOverflowRect return empty IntRect

tonikitoo (Antonio Gomes) tonikitoo at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 11:38:20 PDT 2010

Hey all.

I am facing a strange issue while trying to the get repaintable rect
of a given Node* object. In my code I am doing something like:


, where "node" is a valid reference to an <a> in the following simple
html sample in http://pastebin.ca/1850582 (see id="it").

In the sample, "node" is an offscreen anchor in a scrollable <div>,
and calling absoluteClippedOverflowRect returns an empty IntRect to
me. If I scroll until it (the node whose id is "it") gets visible, and
then trigger my snippet code above it returns a valid value. Also, by
doing static_cast<Element*>(node)->getRect() I get the same valid rect

I am wondering if it is an expected behavior or a bug?


--Antonio Gomes

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