[webkit-dev] Question regarding build flags for the features

Dmitry Titov dimich at chromium.org
Tue Mar 23 13:22:07 PDT 2010

If we had a single flag for all those (ENABLE_FILE_API ?) then a port would
have to implement all features at once to be able to enable it. It might
be inconvenient. If the code is not shared and those flags can be enabled in
any combination, why not keep them separate?

On a related note, it'd be nice to have a page (on a wiki?) with a list of
those flags with some sort of a status/owner, and possibly some info on what
a port should implement to be able to enable a feature.

On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 10:11 AM, Jian Li <jianli at chromium.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've introduced a build flag ENABLE(BLOB_SLICE) for the Blob.slice feature.
> To continue implementing other File API features, we probably need a couple
> more build flags, like ENABLE(FILE_URN) and ENABLE(FILE_READER). When the
> embedder implements the necessary support, these flags can be turned on
> respectively. Do we want to use multiple flags to control File API features
> or simply use one flag? For the latter, all the features will only
> be available after the embedder hooks up all the supporting logics.
> Thanks,
> Jian
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