[webkit-dev] Unofficial reviews (WAS: Why I'm reviewing patches outside my area (and why you should too))

Jeremy Orlow jorlow at chromium.org
Wed Mar 10 06:03:09 PST 2010

On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 1:16 PM, Adam Treat <treat at kde.org> wrote:

> On Wednesday 10 March 2010 07:06:16 am Jeremy Orlow wrote:
> > I can give you a success story though: michaeln is probably the most
> > qualified reviewer of WebSQLDatabase code these days.  He looks at most
> > patches that go by, and I think on average he offers more and better
> > comments than the official reviewers.  The few WebSQLDatabase patches I
> > have reviewed, I asked for Michael's sign off before r+ing.
> I'd say that the solution is to nominate him for reviewing then.

He's got a ways to go to 80: http://trac.webkit.org/search?q=michaeln  :-)

Besides, a WebKit reviewer is a bit different than someone who does a code
review in most projects.  It's partially about making sure the semantics of
the code are right, but it's also about helping guide the project as a whole
in a healthy direction and mentoring new WebKit contributors.

I think it's a good thing that non-reviewers take a look at code and offer
comments.  And I think it's good for reviewers to consider these comments
when doing their review--or maybe even solicit comments.  But I don't
necessarily think that every subject matter expert should be a WebKit

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