[webkit-dev] Introduction to javascript/DOM api glue code?

yz8ra yz8ra at virginia.edu
Wed Jun 30 15:22:43 PDT 2010

Hi all,

I am a new comer to webkit and I am looking into adding some new security features to help mitigate XSS attacks and improve mashup security for webkit.

I am currently trying to find where the javascript core connects the webcore DOM APIs. For example, upon receiving a piece of script which contains document.write/document.cookie, the javascript core needs to turn to WebCore/dom/Document.cpp. I want to find out how does the glue procedure between Javascript core and webcore go.

Also, where is the DOM tree constructed and stored? Can you point me to the related source code is possible?

Many thanks in advance.



Yuchen Zhou
Graduate student pursuing PhD degree
Computer Engineering Department
University of Virginia
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