[webkit-dev] Questions of a new committer

Tony Gentilcore tonyg at chromium.org
Fri Jun 25 11:49:25 PDT 2010

Is there any policy or guideline regarding when it is appropriate to use the
commit queue vs landing directly?

I feel like there is an unfortunate "positive feedback" loop right now:
1. Commit queue gets slightly backed up either due to a breakage or just
heavy volume.
2. Because the queue is backed up, it is more tempting to land directly.
3. Directly landed patches are more likely to break the tree and the new
breakage backs up the queue even more.
4. Goto #2.

Long queues punish developers not because of the wait for the patch to land,
but because those patches are more likely to have merge conflicts. So the
incentive seems to be to land without the queue. I'm just curious if this
has been brought up before and if folks more experienced than myself have
ideas about how we could improve this.

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