[webkit-dev] Commit Queue Love

Alex Milowski alex at milowski.org
Fri Jul 9 03:38:11 PDT 2010

Independently of the other long thread, I'd like to express my "love" of
the commit queue.  It is actually quite a nice feature for someone like
myself who is "off in a corner".

I don't want commit access.  I'd rather my changes go through some
process like the commit queue to ensure that it doesn't break other
people's code or block forward development in some way.

It is very frustrating sometimes when your patch is stuck in the commit
queue for days.  I don't necessarily see that as being caused by the
commit queue.  That is directly because it isn't getting the "love" it
deserves! :)

Being able to go around the commit queue means you can cheat.  That
seems like something that should be reserved for more severe problems
where we know the process used by the commit queue will fail.

If committers need some kind of specialized access, maybe they
just need a "fast track" commit queue, a higher priority, or some
additional options, so that the policies for building and testing can
be uniformly applied while still meeting their needs.

--Alex Milowski
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