[webkit-dev] MathML Project Contact etc.

Alex Milowski alex at milowski.org
Fri Jan 15 08:08:31 PST 2010

Here's the presentation:


You can move through the slides with either the buttons or Alt + Arrow Key.

You'll need a MathML enabled browser to view the example slides.  I'll be
demoing a version of WebKit with my MathML code.  It does a reasonable
job on the examples but not perfect.

A couple of notes on the slides titled "Status" and "Why Native Support?":

  * I'm trying to get across to mainly Mathematicians how the development
    process works for WebKit and why it will take awhile for this to show
    up in WebKit (and in their browsers).

  * While I expect things to pick up in pace as I understand the "right way"
    to do things, the current process, for me, is very slow.  That's not
    a complaint but just a reality.  I have to learn how to do some complicated
    layouts in a rendering tree and the reviews necessary go through a
    small number of people.

  * There are other attempts to render MathML using Javascript based
    renders.  While these are very good ideas, they aren't what I'm trying
    to do with native support and so I need to differentiate my efforts.  The
    phrase "the only way for webkit" is my assumption that such complicated
    javascript based renderers would never be acceptable on the mobile
    platform and, as such, aren't a viable approach for WebKit to handle MathML.

  * Don't take anything the wrong way, ... I'm very pleased with the support
    I've received from the WebKit community.

There are plenty of talking points you won't get from these slides.  Feel free
to ask me questions.  :)

--Alex Milowski
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