[webkit-dev] webkit-patch

Adam Barth abarth at webkit.org
Thu Jan 7 01:09:03 PST 2010

In the wee hours of the morning, I renamed bugzilla-tool to
webkit-patch to reflect the tool's general purpose of helping
contributors manage their patches.  I also renamed a bunch of the
common commands to make more sense with this name.  Here's a brief
summary of my three favorite commands:

* webkit-patch upload

This command automates the process of uploading a patch for review.
After you're done writing the code, the command will create a bug for
you (or let you pick an existing bug), prepare a ChangeLog, let you
edit the ChangeLog, and then upload the patch to the bug and mark it
for review.

* webkit-patch land

This command will help you land a patch that's been reviewed.  The
command will fill in the reviewer from the bug, build WebKit, and run
the LayoutTests.  If the tests pass, the command will land your patch.

* webkit-patch land-from-bug

This command does everything that "land" does except it downloads the
reviewed patch from the bug and applies it to your working copy first.
 If the bug has more than one patch, it will land all the reviewed
patches in the order they appear in the bug.

You can find out about these and other commands by running
"webkit-patch --help".  If you'd like more details about a command
(e.g., land), run "webkit-patch help land".

These commands still need some amount of polish, especially "upload",
which is the newest.  If you have suggestions for improving
webkit-patch, please let me, Eric Seidel, or David Kilzer know.

Happy patching!

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