[webkit-dev] Announcing new port: EFL

Leandro Pereira leandro at profusion.mobi
Tue Feb 23 09:44:24 PST 2010


On Mon, 2010-02-22 at 11:19 -0800, Eric Seidel wrote:
> I have a few questions (and I assume others are curious to the answers as well):
> - Who maintains this port?  (Samsung I assume.)

ProFUSION and Samsung.

> - Is this an active port? (Are there plans for the EFL contributors to
> work upstream?)

Yes, we want to work directly with upstream. ProFUSION itself will keep
working on it even if contracts are over, as it is a great component for
EFL and we invest a good amount of work in EFL-related technologies as
it is part of our service offerings.

I am doing the cleanups required by the upstream task, merge of GTK+'s
and EFL's build system, and will do further works on unifying both GTK
+'s and EFL's codebases. There are other people working on this port,

- Rafael Antognolli <antogolli at profusion.mobi>, working on the port
since August last year, did a great amount of work to get optimizations
and fixes.
- Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri <barbieri at profusion.mobi>, core developer of
EFL, rewrote the WebKit/efl/ based on initial port by INdT. Is now the
manager and internal ProFUSION reviewer.
- Lucas De Marchi <lucas.demarchi at profusion.mobi>, working to fill the
gaps, like missing APIs in WebCoreSupport.
- Raphael Kubo  da Costa <kubo at profusion.mobi>, worked on alternative
backing store scaling to speed up zooming in mobile systems.

> - Does the EFL port have a DumpRenderTree implementation?  (And if so,
> can it run the LayoutTests?  What percentage pass?)

Not yet, but we'll surely add it in future as we want to have automated
tests just like Qt.


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