[webkit-dev] are there any known or suspected memory issues with webkit?

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Sun Feb 21 17:19:58 PST 2010

On Feb 21, 2010, at 4:14 AM, Mike Marchywka wrote:

> The reason I ask is because I thought there were some concerns about  
> leaks
> ( probably just stuff I saw skimming various google hits ) and I have
> seen firefox and iceweasel light up my disk on very simple things  
> ( like
> typing stuff into forms). As I started looking through the code,
> one of the first things I saw was something that looked like a hash  
> table
> of previously used pages- are there static "junk bins" of strong  
> references
> and stuff like that that could create memory leaks as they  
> accumulate stuff
> and never get cleaned or pruned?

We try to fix leaks when we find out about them. I suspect there are  
some in the code now.

I don't know what you mean about "junk bins". Content from previously  
used pages would be in either the resource memory cache or the page  
cache, both of which are capped in size.

Help diagnosing and fixing leaks (and "pseudo-leaks" from ever-growing  
referenced data structures) is always welcome.


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