[webkit-dev] More thoughts on cleaning up the root directory

Mark Rowe mrowe at apple.com
Mon Dec 27 10:37:03 PST 2010

On 2010-12-27, at 10:19, Mark Rowe wrote:

> On 2010-12-27, at 00:04, Adam Barth wrote:
>> Here's a snapshot of my current thinking on where the files and
>> folders currently in the top-level directory might go.
>> There are a bunch of build-system related files that are currently in
>> the root.  I'm not sure whether we should leave them in there or move
>> them into Sources somewhere.  I'm tempted to put them into Sources so
>> that Sources is self-contained package of all the stuff you need to
>> build WebKit.  That said, having a top-level Makefile that kicks off
>> the whole process also seems reasonable.
>> Examples/
>> PerformanceTests/
>>  PageLoad/ (was PageLoadTests)
>>  SunSpider/
>>  HTMLParser/ (was WebCore/benchmarks/parser)
>> RegressionTests/ (was LayoutTests)
>>  manual/ (was WebCore/manual-tests)
>> Sources/
>>  automake/
>>  cmake/
>>  JavaScriptCore/
>>  JavaScriptGlue/
>>  Platform/ (was WebCore/platform)
>>  WebCore/
>>  WebKit/
>>  WebKit2/
>>  WTF/ (was JavaScriptCore/wtf)
>>  ThirdParty/
>>    ANGLE/
>>    + Contents WebKitLibraries
> WebKitLibraries contains precompiled binaries rather than source code.  Mixing source and precompiled binaries under the Sources directory will make it difficult to make the necessary changes down the road to allow removing the forwarding headers mechanism.  We should keep the two types of content separate.

Can someone also elaborate on why "Sources" was chosen as the top-level directory name rather than "Source"? "Source code" is a mass noun so it's unclear why the abbreviated form of "source" would be pluralized in this manner. Referring to source code as "source" appears to be very common, but I've never encountered "sources" used in this manner. It reads very awkwardly to me.


- Mark

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