[webkit-dev] Platform specific fields on WebCore::HistoryItem

Darin Fisher darin at chromium.org
Tue Dec 21 11:39:29 PST 2010

I'm working on fixing some session history bugs related to a HistoryItem's
URL property changing.
See for example the call to HistoryItem::setURL in
HistoryController::updateForReload [1].

I'm curious about the platform specific fields on WebCore::HistoryItem.  ***
Do any of those need to
be updated when the URL of the HistoryItem changes? ***

Here are the fields I'm referring to:

class HistoryItem ... {
    RetainPtr<id> m_viewState;
    OwnPtr<HashMap<String, RetainPtr<id> > > m_transientProperties;

    QVariant m_userData;

    RefPtr<AndroidWebHistoryBridge> m_bridge;

I'm not sure how these fields are used, and I would greatly appreciate input
from the respective
port maintainers.


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