[webkit-dev] EWS bots may need a restart

Eric Seidel eric at webkit.org
Mon Dec 13 13:29:10 PST 2010

You can't ignore this if you don't run an EWS bot.

Some of the EWS bots got stuck last week when I added a platform.py
file to webkitpy.  That caused an import exception when loading
executive.py.  I have since removed the platform.py file, but on any
bot which tried to run the code a platform.pyc file was generated
which will still cause this error.

The solution is to run test-webkipy once in the checkout to have it
remove any stray pyc files.

I've updated the start-queue.sh script to do this automatically for you:

I recommend that all EWS bot admins consider restarting with the new
script.  For example, Leandro would run something like this for his

./WebKitTools/EWSTools/start-queue.sh efl-ews leandro-efl-ews

see start-queue.sh --help for more information.


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