[webkit-dev] Changes to line-by-line code reviews

Adam Barth abarth at webkit.org
Sun Aug 29 11:13:13 PDT 2010

Based on some feedback, I'm going to try to improve the line-by-line
review tool.  I've landed the first iteration of the new design, which
should be usable and have roughly the same functionality as the old
design.  I'll be adding new features shortly.

The main difference is you now access the line-by-line review feature
using the "Formatted Diff" link in bugs.webkit.org instead of the
"Review Patch" link.  I made this change so that folks who like the
old "Review Patch" tool won't be bothered by the new tool.  If you
have feature requests, let me know.  I'll post an update once the tool
is awesomified.


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