[webkit-dev] Build system complexity

Dumitru Daniliuc dumi at chromium.org
Thu Aug 12 03:54:04 PDT 2010

> In addition, has anyone ever looked at simplifying the mac port's xcode
> project?  It's _by far_ the heaviest burden on the project given that you
> pretty much need to use xcode (which is mac only...no other port requires
> this), exported linker symbols are in a separate file, extra effort to
> expose a new file in WTF to WebCore, extra effort to expose a new file in
> WebCore to WebKit, etc.  Has anyone recently looked at how the mac build
> could be simplified--especially from the perspective of contributors whose
> main development platform isn't a mac?

i completely agree with jeremy. is it possible to at least drop the cryptic
hashcodes/timestamps? without them, the .xcodeproj files should at least be
editable by hand.

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