[webkit-dev] Build system complexity

Jeremy Orlow jorlow at chromium.org
Thu Aug 12 02:53:27 PDT 2010

Are there currently any plans for simplifying the situation regarding build
systems?  I haven't seen any threads for a while, which I assume means no.

Is there any low hanging fruit out there?  Since many of the build systems
are little more than lists of files, it really seems like we should be able
to do some sort of consolidation.  Or reduce the process down to updating
one file and then running a script that updates/generates the rest.
 Currently, I cringe every time I find out I need to add a new file.

In addition, has anyone ever looked at simplifying the mac port's xcode
project?  It's _by far_ the heaviest burden on the project given that you
pretty much need to use xcode (which is mac only...no other port requires
this), exported linker symbols are in a separate file, extra effort to
expose a new file in WTF to WebCore, extra effort to expose a new file in
WebCore to WebKit, etc.  Has anyone recently looked at how the mac build
could be simplified--especially from the perspective of contributors whose
main development platform isn't a mac?

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