[webkit-dev] Disabling the JIT

Andras Becsi abecsi at inf.u-szeged.hu
Tue Apr 27 11:05:31 PDT 2010

On 04/27/2010 07:02 PM, Nyx wrote:
>>> If you want to set the flags manually, you should write "CXXFLAGS+="...
> instead of "CXXFLAGS=".

Another way would be to set export QMAKEARGS="$QMAKEARGS 
DEFINES+=ENABLE_JIT=0" before building.

>>> However, the first method what you tried is right, so if it is crashing
>>> then smg wrong with the JIT. What platform (Architecture, OS, qt-version)
>>> do you use?
> Ubuntu 9.10, x86 32 bit, qt package is libqt4-dev (4.5.3). I would assume

Your qt version is fairly old, if you want to develop, you probably need 
a newer version from upstream (eg. 4.6.2).

> the problem is in fact with the JIT, because it happens when I browse away
> from the blank page to google.com, which is when the JavaScript interpreter
> gets instantiated.

That is strange. Did you checkout the source from svn? Did you mess 
around in the code?

> By the way, I intend to be messing around with the interpreter a fair bit.
> Is running buld-webkit every time I make a change to the source really the
> way to go about this, or is there a more efficient way?

If you do not change things which are related to generated code, you can 
also use make -C WebKitBuild/Release (or Debug respectively), but it is 
probably safer to use build-webkit, which also builds incrementally, but 
generates the needed code, if there was a change, and runs qmake.


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