[webkit-dev] CMake as a build system?

Patrick Roland Gansterer paroga at paroga.com
Fri Apr 23 01:44:47 PDT 2010

On Fri, 23 Apr 2010 00:54:02 -0700, Darin Fisher <darin at chromium.org>
> Indeed.  It also allows features like Ctrl+F7 (compile only the current
> source file) to work.  A number of other common IDE features are lost if
> you
> use a makefile based vcproj.  GYP nicely preserves all of those great
> features, which to me is one of the main selling points as an end-user.
Did you tried my CMake example for the JSC executable? You can find it at
I think that it show the CMake VisualStudio integration very good: You can
even "compile" one of the generator script (e.g. for the hashtables) and
all files with dependencies will rebuild too.

Maybe you can tell me what is missing in the generated vsproj, so I can
look at it and improve the CMakeLists.txt?

- Patrick

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