[webkit-dev] Windows Release bots

Nikolas Zimmermann zimmermann at physik.rwth-aachen.de
Wed Apr 14 12:19:46 PDT 2010

Am 14.04.2010 um 18:28 schrieb Adam Roben:

> On 4/14/2010 7:48 AM, Nikolas Zimmermann wrote:
>> can anyone with access to the windows release slaves have a look?  
>> They fail to build since a while,
> The Release builder seems to be doing OK (c.f. <http://build.webkit.org/builders/Windows%20Release%20%28Build%29/builds/12670 
> >). The test bots (both Release and Debug), on the other hand, are  
> having a bit of trouble. I think that my change in r57566 to skip  
> xss-DENIED-iframe-src-alias.html has somehow caused lots of other  
> http tests to start hanging. I guess I should roll out that change.

Okay, that might resolve it.

>> the build bot tries to upload since ages....
> I'm not sure what this means.

Sorry I was a bit in hurry writing that mail. If you check http://build.webkit.org/builders/Windows%20Release%20%28Build%29 
  you'll notice that one build is hanging in the "Upload" step since  
30.000+ seconds.


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