[webkit-dev] Archiving the Haiku port? (was WebKit2 and all that jazz)

Maxime Simon maxime.simon at webkit.org
Sat Apr 10 05:07:59 PDT 2010

> I've already upgraded one of my repositories to the latest SVN and resolved
> the conflicts and incorporated the changes. I just need to merge that with
> some changes in my other repository, but it's not a problem and won't take
> long.
I'm glad to hear that. I thought it would be harder (as the last time
with the gnu_inline stuff).

 > In fact, our community is really interested on this port but having
> > a web browser seems to be of greater priority.
> I've been improving the port as well as working on the browser. A lot of
> work had to be done in the WebKit support layer and the Haiku WebKit API,
> it's just that the patches are mostly more than 20K per individual file I
> reckon...
I know you worked on the port, that's why I said you did a really
good job. It's both impressive and esteemed.
I was just speaking for the community, and actually having a great
web browser was the finality of porting WebKit.

As for the patches, I can help you. I know how awful and boring it
can be. But I already have many patches landed on the tree.
The WebCoreSupport code is already in the tree, but none of the
API. It may require some explanations from us (and specially you,
as most of the code is yours).

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