[webkit-dev] js-only-tests migration from "resources" to "script-tests"

Eric Seidel eric at webkit.org
Thu Sep 17 14:11:10 PDT 2009

Looks fine.  Thank you for giving warning so that people are aware of
this large change.


On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 6:17 PM, Shinichiro Hamaji <hamaji at chromium.org> wrote:
> Hi WebKit folks,
> With great helps from Eric and Darin, I'm working on moving js only
> layout tests from "resources" to "script-tests" directories. If there
> are no objections, I'll submit this patch after 24 hours.
> https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=25880
> Motivation:
> We have a lot of layout tests which just includes a javascript which
> tests something with our js test framework (js-test-pre.js,
> js-test-post.js, ...). For such tests, we have a tool to generate
> HTMLs from resources/TEMPLATE.html. This tool is
> WebKitTools/Scripts/make-script-test-wrappers. It generates HTMLs from
> resources/TEMPLATE.html for each resources/*.js. You can write the
> list of exceptions in make-script-wrappers script to tell the tool not
> to re-generate your HTML. Otherwise, your modified HTMLs will be
> overwritten by the next run of make-script-wrappers. So, if you have
> layout test HTMLs which are modified from TEMPLATE.html, you should
> always add the name of your script into the exception list in
> make-script-wrappers.
> Unfortunately, sometimes people forget the existence of this tool and
> people like me a month ago may not notice this tool at all. Though we
> should see no change by running make-script-wrappers using unchanged
> ToT, it actually changes some HTMLs. Also, even for people who know
> this mechanism well, it's annoying to add the exception list. Eric
> suggested to move such js-only-tests from "resources" directory to
> another directory so make-script-wrappers knows which files should be
> generated without the exception list. We don't need to modify
> make-script-wrappers script when you add layout tests which have a
> custom HTML after this change.
> What will change:
> All js only tests will go to "script-tests" sub-directories by the
> next commit which will be dome after 24 hours. The
> make-script-wrappers and run-webkit-tests script have been already
> changed and they care about both "resources" and "script-tests" for
> now. They were tested with LayoutTests/animations directory and it
> seems to be working. Also, the next patch is passing run-webkit-tests.
> >From now, please put your js-only-tests into "script-tests"
> sub-directory instead of "resources" directory. After the migration
> patch is submitted, I'll remove support for "resources" directory from
> make-script-wrappers.
> The current plan of the next steps is
> 1. Submit the migration ("resources" => "script-tests") patch.
> 2. Fix all layout tests which are modified from ToT by
> make-script-wrappers script. Some of them will go to script-tests and
> be re-generated. For others, I'll add them into make-script-wrappers'
> exception list.
> 3. Remove support of "resources" directory from make-script-wrappers
> so that we don't have the exception list anymore!
> If there are something unclear, please feel to free to ask. I hope you
> like this change and start to put your js-only-tests in "script-tests"
> sub-directory.
> P.S. Eric and Darin, if there are something I should have noticed,
> please add some comments on this email. Otherwise, I was lucky :)
> Thanks!
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